Affeldt should thank the Dodgers for his new contract

When Brandon League signed a 3 year, $21 million contract to re-sign with the Dodgers, I had written an article about the possible effect of contracts around the league.  I didn’t publish it because it was boring, but the overall summary of it is that one massive overpay can drive up costs for free agents around the majors, and now we’re already seeing it.
Jeremy Affeldt, who a few years ago, resigned with the Giants for 2 years, $8.5 million, and was barely considered worth picking up his $5 million option this year, not only got a raise, but for three years.  That’s what happens an inferior reliever gets more money than you did.
Just think.  One year ago, Huston Street  only got 3 years and $20 million despite being younger than League and being a proven effective closer.  Thanks to League’s contract, any proven, reliable closer like Street will cost at least $10 million annually, so the Padres can be thankful they got their guy a year earlier.
There’s at least a dozen relievers still on the market better than League that will command similar to what Affeldt got or even higher, something that has unheard of for non closer/ dominating middle reliever.  And for someone like Rafael Soriano, we may see a record contract for a reliever. And this will continue to drive up the Giants payroll, as guys like Romo and Casilla will make more in arbitration.
As for Affeldt’s contract, I like it.  The third year may be a bit too much, as we don’t know if he’ll still be any good in 2015 when he’s 36, but for now, he’s definitely worth the money.


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  1. Harry H.

    There are quite a handful of contracts in the pitching department that struck me as ludicrous. I remember Ben Sheets' 1 year, $10 million contract that he signed with the A's. What happened? Sheets only made a handful of starts and sat on the bench with an injury. The thing that really struck me was the fact that thet paid him that much money even after his prime years were on the horizon. With regards to League, I believe that the way he executed the closing role in David Aardsma's absence a couple of years ago made him a hot ticket in town. Good job!

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