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AL team

Now it’s time for the AL…
first, ignoring fan voting and the one player on every team rule:
C. Joe Mauer
1B. Jason Giambi
2B. Ian Kinsler
3B. Alex Rodriguez
SS. Michael Young
OF. J.D. Drew
OF. Jermaine Dye
OF. Josh Hamilton
DH. Milton Bradley
P. Cliff Lee
C. A.J. Pierzynski
1B. Kevin Youkilis
1B. Justin Morneau
2B. Brian Roberts
2B. Dustin Pedroia
3B. Mike Lowell
3B. Evan Longoria
SS. Jhonny Peralta
OF. Grady Sizemore
OF. Carlos Quentin
OF. Manny Ramirez
OF. David DeJesus
SP. Ervin Santana
SP. Roy Halladay
SP. Justin Duchscherer
SP. C.C. Sabathia
SP. Felix Hernandez
SP. Joe Saunders
RP. Francisco Rodriguez
RP. Mariano Rivera
RP. Joakim Soria
RP. Jonathan Papelbon
By Team:
Red Sox: 6
Rangers: 4
Indians: 4
White Sox: 3
Angels: 3
Yankees: 3
Twins: 2
Royals: 2
Orioles: 1
Rays: 1
Blue Jays: 1
A’s: 1
Mariners: 1

Now factoring in fan voting and the one player on every team rule:
C. Mauer
1B. Youkilis
2B. Pedroia
3B. Rodriguez
SS. Derek Jeter
OF. Hamilton
OF. Ramirez
OF. Ichiro Suzuki
DH. David Ortiz
C. Pierzynski
C. Ivan Rodriguez
1B. Giambi
2B. Kinsler
2B. Roberts
3B. Lowell
3B. Longoria
SS. Young
OF. Drew
OF. Dye
OF. Sizemore
OF. Bradley
SP. Santana
SP. Halladay
SP. Duchscherer
SP. Sabathia
SP. Hernandez
SP. Saunders
RP. Rodriguez
RP. Rivera
RP. Soria
RP. Papelbon

By Team:

Red Sox: 7
Rangers: 4
Yankees: 4
Indians: 3
Angels: 3
Mariners: 2
White Sox: 2
Twins: 1
Tigers: 1
Rays: 1
Blue Jays: 1
A’s: 1
Royals: 1
Orioles: 1


My All Star Teams- National League

With the All Star teams being announced later today, I figured I would post my teams, ignoring the fan votes and one player on every team rule
My teams, my rules
National League:
C. Brian McCann
1B. Lance Berkman
2B. Chase Utley
3B. Chipper Jones
SS. Hanley Ramirez
OF. Pat Burrell
OF. Matt Holliday
OF. Ryan Ludwick
DH. Albert Pujols
P. Tim Lincecum
C. Geovany Soto
C. Russell Martin
1B. Derrek Lee
2B. Dan Uggla
3B. David Wright
3B. Aramis Ramirez
SS. J.J. Hardy
OF. Xavier Nady
OF. Jason Bay
OF. Nate McLouth
OF. Rick Ankiel
OF. Corey Hart
SP. Edinson Volquez
SP. Ben Sheets
SP. Johan Santana
SP. Dan Haren
SP. Carlos Zambrano
RP. Brian Wilson
RP. Kerry Wood
RP. Billy Wagner
RP. Brad Lidge
RP. Jon Rauch

By team:
Cubs: 5
Pirates: 3
Cardinals: 3
Brewers: 3
Mets: 3
Phillies: 3
Braves: 2
Marlins: 2
Giants: 2
Astros: 1
Rockies: 1
Dodgers: 1
Reds: 1
Diamondbacks: 1
Nationals: 1

Using the one player on every team rule, along with the winners of fan voting:
C. Soto
1B. Berkman
2B. Utley
3B. Jones
SS. Ramirez
OF. Alfonso Soriano
OF. Ken Griffey
OF. Kosuke Fukodome
DH. Pujols
P. Lincecum
C. McCann
C. Martin
1B. Adrian Gonzalez
2B. Uggla
3B. Wright
3B. Ramirez
SS. Hardy
OF. Burrell
OF. Holliday
OF. McClouth
OF. Ludwick
OF. Ankiel
SP. Volquez
SP. Sheets
SP. Santana
SP. Haren
SP. Zambrano
RP. Wilson
RP. Wood
RP. Wagner
RP. Lidge
RP. Rauch
By Team:
Cubs: 6
Cardinals: 3
Mets: 3
Phillies: 3
Braves: 2
Marlins: 2
Reds: 2
Brewers: 2
Giants: 2
Astros: 1
Dodgers: 1
Padres: 1
Rockies: 1
Pirates: 1
Diamondbacks: 1
Nationals: 1
I’ll post my American League team shortly

Found this on the Giants website:

A few days ago (I think it was Wednesday), some woman from MLB.com came up outside the park and asked me a few questions about the All Star game.  I had completely forgotten about it, until I was surfing around MLB.com and came across this article
Just a small little blurb, but it’s still cool that a quote of mine made the website:

Fellow Giants fan Joe Kirshenbaum shared King’s enthusiasm for seeing Bonds on the All-Star squad.

"I really hope Barry [Bonds] will make it," Kirshenbaum said. "If he
doesn’t, it will be a joke. It’s Barry’s town and it could be his final